About Us

About Us

Bubs Taxi, which today is owned and operated by the Taxis Limousines Buses Group, was founded by “Sam the Cabbie”, who wanted to offer families with babies and children a safer and more reliable taxi service than the regular cabbie had to offer!

Founded in 2012 and being a father to a lovely 3 year old “daddy’s girl”, and a “Rabbit ohs player to-be” new-born 6 week old son; Sam realised that most, if not all cab drivers did not know how to install a baby car seat or capsule in a safe and secure way.

On top of the poor car seat installs, the taxi service was not reliable and in most cases, taxis where either late or did not turn up to a booking. Furthermore, if taxis did turn up, they were not equipped with the baby car seat or capsule as per the booking request.

Being a cabbie himself, Sam needed to offer passengers a safer and more reliable taxi service. Understanding the importance of traveling with a baby or child, Sam decided to start a new transfer service called Bubs Taxi.

Today, Bubs Taxi being part of the Taxis Limousines Buses Group also offers a range of transfer services within Sydney and other major cities within Australia.

But what makes Bubs Taxi more reliable, safe and successful today? Sam, being the founder of Bubs Taxi, still insists that he drives full time rather then sitting in his office!

This enables us to have a first hand experience with our clients and listen to any feedback, to better improve our service for all our other clients.

Sam had established a simple strategy which today enables Bubs Taxi to provide a safe and reliable service to all customers:

  • All our baby car seats, capsule seats and booster seats comply with the Australian Standards
  • Our motto is Safety, Reliability and Stress Free Traveling. We take the stress out of traveling while incorporating Safety and Reliability with every booking.
  • We cherry pick the best drivers and vehicles to add to our fleet so that our customers get the best available service.
  • Our bookings are realistic; Handled by a Fleet Manager and allocated to drivers the day prior.
  • Our clients have the direct number of our Fleet Manager to discuss any questions they may have.
  • We are in direct contact with our passengers and always advise them of any changes that may occur.
  • We pride ourselves in providing the highest standards of friendly and safe drivers/vehicles for every booking

That’s why we’re “Cabbies you can rely on”.

Dear Bubs Taxi, We were really happy to get Ray's message that he's waiting after a long and delayed trip to be honest! Also talking in general, we were really happy with your service. Both drivers we had were really friendly and helpful, they drove carefully (which is important for us because our son gets car sick easily) and the car was new and spacious and allowed us to face our kids which is another plus for us Thanks again and see you next time (we'll definitely come back)!

Martin & Family Pyrmont NSW

The service we got from Bubs Taxi was outstanding. The driver was punctual and the car was very clean. What's more important is that the child seat was already equipped and a perfect fit for our baby. Thanks to Sam and his team for a great service.

Simon Paddington NSW

We are so glad to have found this wonderful service. Safety, Reliability and Stress Free is exactly what we got. Car seats where perfectly installed and very clean, driver helped us carry our bags out of our house and even helped put them onto a trolley at the airport. I'd recommend Bubs Taxi to everyone and would never think twice of booking regular cabs again.

Cathy Wahroonga NSW

Travelling with 2 children that require a capsule and a booster seat, I never look elsewhere but to call Sam to take us to and from the airport. His service is always on time, cars have the seats pre installed and his drivers are always nice and helpful. What's better is that when we need to be picked up from the airport, the driver always offers to meet inside the terminal and assist with luggage. Sam, you have an awesome service. Bubs Taxi can't be more perfect.

Angela Cronulla NSW

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