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No. You do not need to bring your own child car seat as we will have our own pre installed for you. But if you do prefer to use your own child car seat, please mention this to us when submitting your booking so that we can make arrangements to arrive earlier as it will take time to install it.
All our child seats are labelled with the Australian Standards Sticker for the standard AS/NZS 1754. We use the known brands that can be found in large retail outlets such as Safe-n-Sound and Infasecure. We have a range of child car seats, ranging from convertible car seats that are suitable for newborn babies up until the age of 4 years, as well as booster seats for children up until the age of 7 years.
Generally its best to have the child car seat setup the way you would have it in your own vehicle. But if you don't have a vehicle, then its best to have the seat setup rear facing up until 6 months old, even so, up until 10 to 12 months of age. Then up until the age of 4 to 5 years old, depending on the height of your child, we generally have the child seat set up forward facing. Then up until the age of 7 years, a booster seat would best suit.
When selecting a vehicle type from the drop down box in our quote and booking forms, it shows the passenger and luggage capacity for each of the vehicles. Please note though, a large suitcase is generally equivalent to a medium to large sized pram. A small pram, stroller or portacot is generally the size of a small to medium size suitcase. Also please note that our drivers don't like to put luggage onto any spare seats due to less passengers traveling and all luggage should be in the boot of the vehicle.
Yes. We only accept bookings based on availability and a car is assigned to a booking 6 hours prior.
Its best to book your vehicle taking into consideration any peak hour traffic there may be. If you are not certain on the time, its best to contact our fleet manager directly on 0423 222 243 (Int. +61423222243).
We generally advise to book your car 30 minutes after the scheduled landing time from the Domestic Terminal, and 1 hour from the International Terminal. Our fleet manager does keep an eye on the flights and if the flight is landing earlier, is dramatically delayed, or cancelled, then he/she will make arrangements to re-assign another driver depending on availability. If you have any concerns or if your flight is delayed / cancelled, you can call or text our fleet manager on 0423 222 243 (Int. +61423222243).
When arriving into Sydney on a cruise ship, you generally wont know the disembarking time that's been allocated to you until the day prior. Also, phone or data reception is limited out in sea, so we generally book the pickup between 9am to 10am, and once you arrive into Sydney, we advise that you text or call our fleet manager on 0423 222 243 (Int. +61423222243) to confirm the disembarking time. Our fleet manager will then make arrangements accordingly to have a vehicle arrive as close to the disembarking time as possible, if different to the initial agreed time of the booking.
If your flight has been delayed or cancelled, its best to text or call our fleet manager on 0423 222 243 (Int. +61423222243), and advise the new times as well as flight details if being put onto a new flight.
Generally during peak times at the airport, being between 6am to 10am, and 6pm to 10pm, you should allow 45 to 70 minutes. During non peak times, you should allow 30 to 60 minutes. But if you are being delayed inside the terminal due to the huge number of passengers queued up to clear Customs and Quarantine, or your luggage has been lost, its best to advise our fleet manager by calling or texting 0423 222 243 (Int. +61423222243).
Generally, you should allow 15 to 30 minutes when landing at the Domestic Terminal.
There are 3 reasons why we request for pre payment, or credit card details to secure a booking when making payments with vouchers. First reason is that in the past, we have had clients that booked our service as well as other services, and which ever car turned up first, the client would then go with them. Our driver is then left without a job which meant loss of time and loss of income. The second reason is that pre paying for your booking enables us to guarantee a vehicle for you and also enables us to confirm that booking as our driver is aware that the car has already been paid for. Third reason is that the process involved in picking you up and dropping you off becomes seamless where drivers don't need to deal with money as well as credit card payments in the vehicle (which incurs a large surcharge). More importantly, when your drop-off is in front of a building which is a no parking zone, we are only allowed 2 minutes to stop the vehicle there. Sometimes payments within the vehicle can take longer then 2 minutes, let alone the time it takes to assist with luggage and taking Bub out of the child car seat.
CabCharge is a taxi charge account system providing customers with a convenient and safe way to pay for taxis and hire cars without using cash. The system is designed to meet the various needs of businesses of every size, government departments and individuals. CabCharge is designed to give companies total control over their taxi travel expenditure accounting and records. Generally, CabCharge vouchers / cards are issued by the companies that the staff member works for, or by a company or individual who by provides this to the traveler, where the person using the taxi is not needing to pay for the taxi service. This gets charged back to the account holder for the CabCharge. Please refer to http://www.cabcharge.com.au/ for more information.
Our service is charged based on a KM distant needing to travel as well as any additional pickups or drop-offs along the route. We also take into account tolls as well as peak hour traffic.
Yes we certainly do. Simply contact us to get a quote for this service.
Yes we certainly do. Please visit our sister businesses by going to www.taxislimosbuses.com.au
When making payments, you will most likely see the payment go to Taxis Limousines Buses Group, or TLB Group. The reason for this is because Bubs Taxi is owned and operated by the Taxis Limousines Buses Group.
If you have any questions or concerns, its best to contact our fleet manager on 0423 222 243 (Int. +61423222243).
Our prams are Baby Jogger City Mini and our portacots are BabyBjorn Travel Cot light. We have chosen quality as well as easy of use.
Yes you certainly can. Please contact us with the length of the hire and we would be more then happy to assist.
No, there are no delivery and pickup fees when you book our car service and hire our baby equipment.
Yes. Simply complete our booking enquiry form on our Equipment Hire page. Please note that there are delivery and pickup fees.
Delivery and pickup fees do vary depending on the area you are located in. Its best to complete our booking enquiry form on our Equipment Hire page and we will confirm the exact rate.
Unfortunately at this stage we don't offer a pickup and drop-off service for our baby equipment. We are looking into a central located premise between Sydney Airport and Sydney City within the next few months to have this service available.
At this stage Prams and Portacots is all we have available for hire due to our line of business targeting parents travelling. We do have affiliates that hire out other baby equipment and if this is needed please contact us and we will be happy to help.
All children are different in size and its best to have them in the current car seat until they no longer fit, or have exceeded the markers on the car seat.

Dear Bubs Taxi, We were really happy to get Ray's message that he's waiting after a long and delayed trip to be honest! Also talking in general, we were really happy with your service. Both drivers we had were really friendly and helpful, they drove carefully (which is important for us because our son gets car sick easily) and the car was new and spacious and allowed us to face our kids which is another plus for us Thanks again and see you next time (we'll definitely come back)!

Martin & Family Pyrmont NSW

The service we got from Bubs Taxi was outstanding. The driver was punctual and the car was very clean. What's more important is that the child seat was already equipped and a perfect fit for our baby. Thanks to Sam and his team for a great service.

Simon Paddington NSW

We are so glad to have found this wonderful service. Safety, Reliability and Stress Free is exactly what we got. Car seats where perfectly installed and very clean, driver helped us carry our bags out of our house and even helped put them onto a trolley at the airport. I'd recommend Bubs Taxi to everyone and would never think twice of booking regular cabs again.

Cathy Wahroonga NSW

Travelling with 2 children that require a capsule and a booster seat, I never look elsewhere but to call Sam to take us to and from the airport. His service is always on time, cars have the seats pre installed and his drivers are always nice and helpful. What's better is that when we need to be picked up from the airport, the driver always offers to meet inside the terminal and assist with luggage. Sam, you have an awesome service. Bubs Taxi can't be more perfect.

Angela Cronulla NSW

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