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Terms and Conditions, and Disclaimer


ONLINE BOOKINGS (not applicable to QLD bookings and clients who hold a monthly account with TLB Group):
When booking online, the total fare will be payable to the driver, plus road tolls, additional airport parking fees, and waiting time incurred, and / or additional charges as per the conditions below.
QLD booking and regular account clients will be charged to the credit card used to submit this booking, plus any additional charges as per above. 
Please note that credit card payments made in the vehicle will incur a credit card merchant fee.

ADDITIONAL CHARGES that may apply (road tolls / special events & occasions / public holidays / early morning & night rate):
Road Tolls: The rate given for your transfer may not include road tolls, which if there is during your trip, will be payable to the driver. 
Special Events/Occasions / Public Holidays / Early Morning & Night Rate; The rate may not include a surcharge for bookings that are for Special Events/Occasions, Public Holidays, and Early Mornings or Late Nights. If there is an additional charge, we will advise prior to confirming your booking. 

All flights are monitored and if there are any delays, we will try our best to accommodate given that it won't cause any disruptions to other bookings that the driver may have. If we cannot accommodate your airport pickup due to delays, we will call upon affiliates to try and assist. If we or our affiliates cannot cover your booking, we will advise so via text and / or email.  
PLEASE NOTE: If a flight number is not provided for bookings from the airport, we have the right not to assign or dispatch a driver as we cannot keep track of the flight. If we do dispatch a driver, we will do so as per the booking time, and only allow 10 minutes waiting time which then waiting time charges will apply.  
All deposits charged the night prior will be nonrefundable if any of the above does occur. 

Waiting time of 10 minutes from any location other than the airport is free of charge. After 10 minutes, there is a charge of $1.50 per minute which is payable to the driver. 
Waiting time charges from airport:
International Airport - 60 minutes waiting time allowed from when the flight is confirmed landed.
Domestic Airport - 30 minutes waiting time allowed from when the flight is confirmed landed. 
If a specific pickup time is requested, the waiting time will apply after the time the car was booked for. We will try our best to adjust the pickup time if your flight arrives early or delayed but this cannot be guaranteed due to other bookings the driver may have. 
$1.50 per minute plus any additional airport parking/toll fees is applicable after the allowed waiting time from the airport.  
Please note, if our driver cannot make contact with you after the allowed waiting time, he/she has the right to leave, and the full fare amount will be charged and nonrefundable.   

The rate does not include multiple pickups or drop offs if it was not booked so prior. 
If multiple pickups or drop offs is required, an additional $10 per pickup and drop off is payable to the driver. This only applies if the multiple pickups and drop off is on route to the destination and includes up to 2 minutes waiting time ($1.50 per minute is charged after 2 minutes which is payable to the driver).
If multiple pickups and drop offs are not on route to the destination, the additional cost should be negotiated with the fleet manager, driver and / or our office, which is also payable to the driver.

All cancellations need to be in writing by emailing
Cancellations made 6 hours prior to the pickup time are nonrefundable.
The full fare is also chargeable if passengers don't show up to a booking after the allowed waiting time and if the driver/office cannot make contact with the passengers. 
The full fare will be charged if passengers cancel or decide not to use the service 6 hours prior to the pick-up time.
Deposits for bookings are nonrefundable. 
Pre-payments for bookings will incur a 10% cancellation fee. 

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