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Our Story

Taxi and uber service for families travelling with baby's and children

Selim (Sam) Lok

Founder and Certified Child Restraint Fitter

At Bubs Taxi, we believe that every passenger deserves a safe and comfortable ride. That's why we cherry pick drivers who are passionate and knowledgeable on the unique service we provide, and committed to providing excellent customer service. Servicing major cities within Australia for over 15 years now, we have developed a broad experience in the areas that we operate in,  not only on the road, but also handling all customers needs to ensure that every trip is catered to how the client would expect it to be.

We also believe in fair and transparent pricing. Our goal is to make every ride with Bubs Taxi a stress-free experience for our passengers. So sit back, relax, and let us take care of the driving!

About Us

Bubs Taxi, which today is owned and operated by the Taxis Limousines Buses Group, was founded by “Sam the Cabbie”, who wanted to offer a safer and more reliable service for families with babies and young children. Founded in 2012 and being a father to a lovely 3-year-old “daddy’s girl”, and a “Rabbitohs player-to-be” 6-week-old son, Sam realised that most, if not all cab drivers did not know how to install a baby car seat or capsule in a safe and secure way.

On top of the poor car seat installs, the taxi service was unreliable and in most cases, taxis were either late or did not turn up to a booking. Furthermore, if taxis did turn up, they were not equipped with the baby car seat or capsule requested.

Today, being part of the Taxis Limousines Buses Group, we have expanded in a boutique manner, to offer a range of services which include buses and coaches, through all major cities within Australia. 

What makes Bubs Taxi more reliable, safe and successful today? Sam, being the founder of Bubs Taxi, still insists that he drives full-time rather than sitting behind the computer. This enables us to have first-hand experience with our clients and listen to any feedback to better improve our service for all our other clients. Being a cabbie himself, Sam understood the importance of traveling with a baby or child and had established a simple strategy which today enables Bubs Taxi to provide a safer and more reliable service:

All our baby car seats, capsules and booster seats comply with the Australian standards.​

Our motto is safety, reliability and stress-free traveling.


​We take the stress out of traveling while incorporating safety and reliability with every booking.


​We cherry pick the best drivers and vehicles to add to our fleet so that our customers get the best available service.


Our bookings are handled by a Fleet Manager and allocated to drivers the day prior.


We are in constant contact with our passengers to keep them updated with the status of their bookings.


Our clients have the direct number of our Fleet Manager to discuss any questions they may have.


We pride ourselves in providing the highest standards of friendly and safe drivers / vehicles for every booking.

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